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Bhimtal Nainital Address: Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263136, India

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Bhimtal is one of the famous lake cities in Kumaon region. Older than Nainital city, Bhimtal is named after the majestic character of Mahabharata, Bhima. Situated at a height of 1370 meters above sea level, Bhimtal offers a majestic scenic beauty to its visitors.

The major attraction of this place is a small island located in the middle of the lake, which also has a large aquarium on it. Bhimtal beholds exceptional views and vistas of the mother nature and is a paradise for nature lovers. The pristine blue lake and several temples across the mountains make it one of the choicest destinations for people who wish to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet stay closer to it.

Bhimtal Aquarium

The aquarium located at the center of the lake is a great tourist attraction and create a magical spell on everyone who visits it. The aquarium was previously a restaurant which is now converted into an aquarium to preserve the natural aqua-marine vegetation of this place. The aquarium can be accessed by riding a boat on the lake, which is the only way to reach it.

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Things to do at Bhimtal

Bhimtal offers a wide range of activities and sightseeing around it.

Boating and fishing
One of the primary activities that attract a large number of tourists is boating and fishing. Bhimtal is home to three beautiful lakes- Bhimtal Lake, Sattal Lake, and Naukuchiatal Lake. The most magical experience is offered by Bhimtal lake wherein you can visit the island located in the middle of the lake. The scene is quite picturesque and offers a vivid experience to its visitors.

You can do fishing and angling at these lakes and take your fish back home for a yummy meal.

Stargazing and Camping
This one is especially for people who live in Delhi or other metro cities, loaded with pollution, and have not seen a clear sky in ages. The camp set amidst the lush green forests of Bhimtal's mountain range offers an exceptional experience to tourists and campers. You can indulge in the gazing the star-studded sky and get refreshed in the natural fresh air that this place offers.

Picnic with family and friends
Unwind yourself by enjoying a picnic with your family or friends at the banks of the three lakes Bhimtal beholds. The lakes are a famous picnic spot amongst both locals and tourists. Get your food packed and enjoy a soothing day at the lakeside with your loved ones.

Bhimtal is home to various temples apart from lakes. Some of the sightseeing places are Victoria dam just 1.9 km away, Hidimba Parvat 5 km away, Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple 3.7 km away, Hanuman Garhi temple 22 km away, Nag temple 3.7 km away, and Folk Culture Museum which is nearby.

Shopping at the street market
Shop around the local street market of Bhimtal and look for Garhwali paintings, carpets, statues, organic products, and handmade candles. Also, do not miss the local food of this area which is an exceptional experience.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Bhimtal does not disappoint you. Several adventure activities are conducted around Bhimtal at regular intervals. Following are some of the activities which attract plenty of tourists at Bhimtal;

Trekking and Hiking
Bhimtal is surrounded by dense lush green forests on all sides, which offers a great spot for trekking and hiking. There are both long and short trails across the mountains of Bhimtal.

While trekking you can also come across various migratory and resident birds on these mountains.

Dirt Biking and Paragliding
If you want to experience a bird’s eye view of the valley, fly high above the mountains and forests of Bhimtal while you paraglide. Naukuchiatal is a famous spot for activities like Paragliding and Dirt Biking, which is just 4 km away from Bhimtal.

If you want to experience your adrenaline rushing through your veins, dirt Biking is your game. Witness the beautiful yet adventurous mountains from a whole new angle and check one of these adventure sports off your list.

Festivities in Bhimtal

July is the go-to month if you want to be a part of the festival and carnival at Bhimtal. Hareli festival is celebrated here in the month of July which is a celebration of the good harvest. Fairs, cultural performances, bike and car events in death well are some of the festival activities.

The festival highlights the cultural and historical significance of Bhimtal and brings you a lot closer to the life locals live.

Historical significance of Bhimtal

After the Anglo-Nepalese war, also known as Gorkha War of 1814-1816, Bhimtal came under the British rule. There are still the then used pedestrian routes connecting Kathgodam and other Kumaoni regions. These routes also lead to Tibet and Nepal and are speculated to be the part of the ancient silk route.

The famous Shiva temple alongside the Bhimtal lake is believed to be built by Baz Bahadur, the king of Kumaon and ruler of Chand Dynasty in 17th century AD.

Mythological significance of Bhimtal

Bhimtal was earlier known as “Bheemsarovar Lake” after the famous Mahabharata character Bheem. According to legend, Bhimtal was the stomping ground of Pandavas which they used to visit during their time of exile. The lake is the result of Bheem's blow on the ground by his ‘Gada' in order to develop a source of water to quench their thirst. The Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple was hence erected here as a tribute to Bheema.

Interesting facts about Bhimtal

From the Gagar Village in Nainital district, is the Garg Parvat from which originates the Gargi river, close to Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple.

How to reach Bhimtal

Bhimtal is just 22 km away from Nainital city. You can drive yourself to Bhimtal or hire a taxi cab. There is a regular bus service from Bhimtal to Nainital and vice versa.

Bhimtal does not have its own dedicated railway station or Airport. If you are traveling by train, Kathgodam Railway Station is the nearest one which is 30 km away from Nainital. You can hire a private or shared taxi from the station to reach Bhimtal. There are also buses running from the railway station to Bhimtal.

If you are traveling by air, Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport which is 56 km away. You can travel to Bhimtal via NH 109 by a private or shared taxi from the airport.

Best time to visit Bhimtal

Bhimtal welcomes its tourists at almost all times of the year. The months of March, April, May, October, November, and December are the best ones to enjoy Bhimtal, fully bloomed during the first three and covered with snow during the later three.

Traveler tips while visiting Bhimtal

There is easy availability of ATMs, petrol pumps, restaurants, cafes and hotels in Bhimtal due to its close proximity to Nainital city. Yet, it is advisable that you carry some cash all the time.

If you are planning budget travel, try visiting during the off-season as during the peak months, Bhimtal can dig a hole in your pockets.

Always pack some woolens while traveling to Bhimtal and other nearby places.

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